YWomenVote 2022 – Midterm Election Update

More than two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, women are carrying the weight of a nation. Soon, we’ll be leading the way to the polls.

Through our tireless work to eliminate racism and empower women across the country, at YWCA we see everyday what women, families, and our communities need to thrive. YWomenVote 2022 – Midterm Election Study, our latest national survey of women, confirms what the communities we serve have been telling us: that women across the spectrum are united in their support for economic, caregiving, gender-based violence, health, and racial justice policy solutions that address our shared concerns.

In YWomenVote 2022 – Midterm Election Study, we examine the experiences of women of various backgrounds, demographics, races, and ethnicities to deepen our understanding of our specific experiences, concerns, and priorities ahead of upcoming midterm elections. Our findings provide Congress, policymakers, and candidates with a blueprint for ensuring women and families across the spectrum can succeed, and the data to back what women in America want, need, deserve, and demand!

YWCA’s dual mission demands we center the experiences of women and girls of color due to the intersecting injustices of racial and gender inequity. Historically, their perspectives are frequently overlooked as policy decisions are made. For these reasons our report analyzes these findings through the lens of race and gender to deepen understanding of the specific experiences, concerns, and priorities of women of color. Our mission compels us to gather this data as an essential step in our efforts to dismantle systemic and structural racism while also shining a light on how systemic inequities shape experiences and outcomes with education, employment, housing, and so many other domains.