When it comes to driving social and policy change, women – particularly young women of color – are and have always been critical voices, movement makers, and activators. That’s why we prioritize making sure we’re asking our sisters which issues they are most concerned about – from quality, affordable child care to paid family and medical leave; from abortion and reproductive health justice to safety from police violence and so much more – and what they want elected leaders to do about them in our annual YWomenVote survey.
Take a look at the findings to learn more about what’s top of mind for women overall, Black women, AAPI women, AI/AN women, and Hispanic and Latina women. Whether we are heading to the ballot box, the state capitol, or the halls of Congress, YWomenVote will tell you what women need.
With so much at stake for our families and communities, women in America want, need, deserve, and demand action.

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